Medical Support

The race has both foreign and Chinese medical personnel, with fully qualified doctors, experienced in emergency and wilderness medicine, present at all rests stations.

English speaking doctors are present at all rest stations; Ultra Gobi work with Exile Medics (, a UK wilderness and expedition medical association of volunteer physicians. Each runner’s condition is monitored throughout the whole race and our medical staff are in constant communication with one another ensuring the safe arrival of each runner at each rest station.

Some sections of the race course are very remote, and in case of a medical emergency it may be a considerable while before the casualty can be delivered to a hospital, as helicopter rescue is not available in this area. The runners must be aware of the risks involved and make sure they have comprehensive, specialised insurance (see Insurance section of the website).

We urge all the participants to exercise caution and common sense during the race, especially while extremely fatigued, sleep – deprived and / or running at night and / or during bad weather conditions.

It is very important to stay hydrated and keep eating during the race, as well as keep replacing the lost electrolytes.