Chinese Visa

All competitors must apply for Chinese visa in their home countries. Visitors to China who hold foreign passports almost always require a visa to visit the People’s Republic of China. It is the competitor’s responsibility to obtain the visa. Competitors must find on-line official information on Chinese visa application procedures in their home country. We urge not to leave visa application till the last minute.

You are advised to apply for tourist visa. The Organizing Committee shall send you an official invitation letter (please note, that despite being sealed and stamped this letter IS NOT a visa) which you shall use to apply for the visa.

In addition to the invitation letter you are very likely to be asked to provide airplane tickets and hotel reservations in China, so you must prepare printouts of these supporting documents in advance.

The race organizers shall offer you every assistance possible in getting your Chinese visa, but we are not a visa agency and we can only provide invitation letters and information to the best of our ability.