Checkpoints / Rest Stations

Checkpoints, where the runners time is taken, are also water stations – here you can replenish your water supply and take a short rest. You can sleep at any checkpoint but for no longer than one hour. Checkpoints are also in communication with rest stations and the race organisers, and can provide help in case of an emergency, such as calling in a doctor from the nearest rest station. The checkpoints are situated roughly every 10 kilometres.

Rest stations are situated every 30km, and here the runners retrieve their drop off bags.  Rest stations are several large tents where hot water, medical attention and physiotherapy are available. Here the runners can sleep, and there is no limit on how long you can stay at a rest station. Food is not provided.

Rest station at night – these large tents include Media Tent, Medical Tent, Staff Tent and a tent for runners to sleep and rest in peace and quiet

Runner exiting a rest station after refuelling and resupplying from her dropbox.

Runner receiving physio treatment at a rest station

Checkpoint from the air