Run for 400km non-stop

Ultra Gobi is a 400km non-stop, self – navigation, self-supported race. Rest stations, where pre-prepared drop-off bags with food and equipment are waiting for runners, are at every 30km and water stations are at every 10km. This allows runners to run 400km non stop, without carrying much equipment. It is up to you if you sleep at rest stations or keep running. The winners sleep for less that 30 minutes in three days. Red Bull have called Ultra Gobi a “super-ultra”, and one finisher – a Dakar Rally of ultra running

Every competitor must be individually approved before being allowed to take part and the race is open to fifty individuals and also to teams of two. All single gender and mixed gender teams compete in the same category

How is Ultra Gobi different from stage races?

Running non-stop is harder than taking part in a stage race. Knowing that a camp and your friends’ company awaits you at the end of the day and that you all shall start together again in the morning makes stage races psychologically easier

In Ultra Gobi there is no such comfort at the end of the day. There are no days or nights either. Soon you are alone, everyone else has been swallowed up by the desert. You are always moving. The desert seems infinite as your fatigue and sleep deprivation accumulate and heat gives way to bitter night-time cold. Many start to hallucinate, and then grow to rely on hallucinations for company

Most stage races give you an adventure holiday, Ultra Gobi throws you into a true adventure

A True Wilderness

After four years in the Gobi Desert proper, this year Ultra Gobi moved south and up – to the Tibetan Plateau. The exact location is called Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province. Here two great nomadic cultures – Mongol and Tibetan meet. For decades this high altitude wilderness has been closed to outsiders. Ultra Gobi is still held in a desert, but a desert on the Roof of the World – Chaidam Depression, once of the world’s most arid locations, it’s landscape resembles Mars

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