What is Ultra Gobi?

Ultra Gobi is a 400km non-stop, self – navigation, self-supported race, held in southern Gobi Desert, on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau, in Western China, Gansu Province.



Ultra Gobi is a small, exclusive race, limited to 50 people. It is our aim to make this race into one of the world’s greatest running races and adventures. The support we offer to runners during the race is in unparalleled in ultra-running.

Non-stop Race

Experience the freedom of free running over 400km.



We have set up an incredible support infrastructure for runners, which allows the participants to run without carrying a lot of weight, non-stop for the whole of 400km. This is truly unique. No other race offers such opportunity to run continuously for such a long distance.

You have to carry the compulsory gear, but all your food and extra equipment can be stored in 10 drop off bags at rest stations, which makes for a much lighter weight to carry.

Roughly every 10km, throughout the whole course, there is a water and timing station.

How is Ultra Gobi different from stage races?

Stage races are much easier than running non-stop. Psychologically and well as physically. Knowing that a camp and your friends’ company awaits you at the end of the day soon makes a stage race a routine.



In Ultra Gobi there is no such comfort at the end of the day. There are no days or nights. You just run. The desert seems infinite as your fatigue and sleep deprivation accumulate.

Less than 50 people take on this challenge every year. Soon after the start you find yourself alone in the Great Gobi, in the freezing night, with many marathons, back to back, still to come. There is no place for egos here.

If you have done stage races and felt within your comfort zone, Ultra Gobi will raise the bar for you. Most stage races give you an adventure holiday, Ultra Gobi throws you into an adventure.

Unique Location

Many races are now organized in the Gobi Desert, but Ultra Gobi is held in a truly unique location. The race course will take you to the very end of the Great Gobi and to the edge of the Tibetan Plateau which rises sharply from the desert as a wall of snow-capped 5000m peaks.



Large part of the course goes through a closed, protected area where only local nomads are allowed to go. This region abounds with 2,000 years – old Silk Road Era ruins – forts, beacon towers, and ancient walls. You will run, rest and sleep right next to them, touching, literally, millennia of history.

400 kilometres

147 hours


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